Terry S. Boyce, Chairman & CEO


     Terry Boyce brings over thirty years of domestic and international business experience to our executive search practice. He received his initial training with the General Motors Corporation as a labor relations specialist at the Willow Run Assembly Plant. Terry was recruited by Hoover Ball & Bearing Co. located in Saline, MI and went on to hold a number of labor relations/ personnel positions resulting in being named Corporate Director of Personnel. At the same time, Terry was attending law school at night at Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, MI. Shortly after graduation from law school he joined the firm of Keller, Thoma, McManus & Keller and spent the next few years practicing labor law.

     Terry was subsequently recruited by Worthington Pump International (a subsidiary of Studebaker-Worthington, Inc.) to be worldwide labor counsel as well as Vice President of Personnel. Terry spent the next ten (10) years with Worthington being extensively involved in the global management of the company. He was particularly involved in the manpower planning and organizational strategies employed by Worthington in Japan, Singapore, England, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.

When Studebaker-Worthington, Inc. was sold, Terry joined the law firm of Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather and Geraldson. Although the firm was headquartered in Chicago, Terry was located in the firm's New York City office. He subsequently was recruited to join the turnaround team employed by AM International Inc. located in Chicago as Senior Vice President of Personnel. In 1982 Mr. Boyce joined the Rockefeller Group in New York City. At that time, the Rockefeller Group was focused in real estate (Rockefeller Center), real estate services (Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.), communications (Outlet Broadcasting) and entertainment (Radio City Music Hall). Terry left that organization in 1990 to start Boyce Partners International, Inc.

     Mr. Boyce brings to the executive search field specific expertise, both domestically and internationally, in a multiplicity of industries as well as functional areas. Mr. Boyce received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and his Juris Doctor from Wayne State University Law School. He is a member of the Michigan Bar Association.