Our Perspective

Finding the right firm to search for the highest quality candidate for a senior management position is a sensitive and critical task. Confidence and trust in the skill and integrity of the professional who conducts the search should predicate the choice of which search firm to use. We believe one of the most important issues in successful executive search is the quality of the person doing the work.

Boyce Partners International, Inc. enjoys an unsurpassed reputation in conducting high quality executive search. Our track record shines with significant successes - carefully chosen senior executives now in positions of vital importance in America's corporate community.

Our Mission

We are committed to search for truly exceptional candidates. Our competitive strength is our proven ability to identify candidates who are uniquely well suited to provide significant benefits to our clients' organizations. Those benefits translate to long term, improved performance for the organization as a direct result of the candidate's performance.

We take great pride in the measurable difference our candidates make on our clients' businesses.

Success speaks loudest when it produces outstanding results in the marketplace. The companies for which we have worked enjoy unparalleled success.

Our Company

Boyce Partners International, Inc. is a retainer-based executive search firm. Since our founding, we have succeeded in filling top management and Board of Directors positions across a wide variety of businesses. We conduct searches for positions which are both domestic and international, and have global clients worldwide. Our Partners enjoy long-standing professional relationships in the corporate community which span as many as twenty years of shared problem solving, professional performance, and shared human understanding and consideration. Our success can be measured by the number of clients with whom we have worked repeatedly over the years.

We are a small firm by design, which is of significant value to our clients. We are not blocked from accessing the most highly qualified candidates by having multiple offices/consultants and a long list of clients.

Above all else, we are driven by our commitment to our clients. We work in partnership with our clients to identify and help recruit truly outstanding people who will exceed client goals and expectations. We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our intention is to build close and enduring client relationships.

We have never failed to complete a search to our client's complete satisfaction.

How We Work

Each search assignment is individually handled by a Partner. It is never "handed off." This kind of dedicated service assures our clients focused and priority attention by a Partner throughout each stage of the search.

We expect to put more time, effort, care, perspective and expertise into each individual assignment than other firms. We work hard to understand not only the facts about a company and the functional competencies required to satisfy a search assignment, but also the chemistry of the company and the key intangible ingredients that form an ideal fit between the company and the candidate.

Our Research

Research is conducted on every search, utilizing on-line, state-of-the-art data retrieval systems, our reference library and the personal contacts we have with important leaders throughout the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The value of sound research cannot be overstated. Each client and each search assignment has its own needs and set of requirements. At the beginning of each search, our research associates are assigned the task and stay with it until its completion. The search process is thorough and confidential.

Boyce Partners' Search Process

Step 1: Information Gathering

A situation analysis is developed which provides an in-depth understanding of the client's organization, its management, its products and/or services, its structure, its objectives, needs, current issues, competition and description of the specific position to be filled.

Step 2: Written Position Specification

A detailed statement of the job description is then developed and mutually agreed upon with the client. With the client's concurrence, this statement can be shared with the prospective candidates without revealing the name of the client.

Step 3: Search Strategy and Research

Because each search has its own set of issues and requirements, we develop for each search a strategic plan which guides the tactics for the conduct of the search. We identify target industries and companies, consult with knowledgeable industry experts and draw on our research expertise.

Step 4: Prospective Candidate Interview

A list of viable candidates is developed. An in-depth, confidential interview is conducted with each candidate, and a report of the interviews is shared with the client.

Final candidates are then presented to the client for an interview. Before the candidates are presented, we provide evaluations and preliminary reference checks.

Step 5: Reference Checks

At this stage, we talk to references with whom the candidate
has been associated, in order to reassure ourselves and the client of the candidate's integrity, personal characteristics, abilities and accomplishments.

Step 6: Negotiation and Offer

Based on an in-depth interview with the most desirable candidate, coupled with the needs and expectations of the client, we make recommendations on the specifics of the offer and assist the client in presenting the offer to the candidate.

Step 7: Follow-up

After the candidate has accepted the offer, we work with both the candidate and the client to ensure a smooth and orderly transition.