Tip for Creating an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Everybody’s looking to make their home Eco-friendlier. Society is moving more toward solar-powered economies, driving electric and hybrid cars, recycling and composting the waste that would end up in landfills, and double pane windows to reduce the carbon footprint and general effects on the environment. The bathroom is often overlooked in Eco-friendly strategies and has an even bigger potential to reduce the overall impact on the environment. Here’s how you make your bathroom an Eco-friendly paradise.

Keep your fingers on water usage

Most of your home’s wastewater comes from the bathroom. Therefore, you can put to use the grey-water from your bathroom. Although not recommended, you can use it to water your garden if you must water it every day. Low flow toilets, shower-heads, and faucets also help save water.

Choose energy-efficient equipment

The US Energy Information Administration estimates that approximately 18% of home energy use is for heating water. Replacing your existing water heater with a more energy-efficient one is part of creating an Eco-friendly bathroom. Ensure all your products come with the Energy Star Logo and are certified

Go the LED way

LED bulbs are up to 90% more energy-efficient than the typical incandescent bulbs, therefore saving you money and energy. LED mirrors are stylish Eco-solutions that provide illumination and elegance in equal measures.

The bathroom is one place in your home you can keep your tabs on your environmental footprint, from being mindful of your bathroom essentials to paying attention to your water usage.