How To Store Vinyl Records

Interior designing is one of the practices that any people practice today. It makes people feel more comfortable with the surroundings of their houses or places of work.


Vinyl records are popular with many people and their safe storage and easy retrieval is all that most people desire. This article will reflect on how to store vinyl records safely or in a display in your home or any other place you may desire to keep them.

Practices to carry out for safe storage of vinyl records

There is a possibility that you are causing damage to your vinyl records through how you are storing them. The first thing is to clean the records before storing them in their jackets. You should clean them using a record cleaning brush or vinyl records cleaning solutions with microfiber cloths carefully in round motions to avoid destroying them. The second practice is ensuring that you always keep them in their jackets. The jackets should also be kept in an upright position to avoid exacting destructive pressure. The other practice is to always play your record safely. Manual selection of songs by placing the needle anywhere on the record may damage it. You should wait for it to play from start to the end.

How to keep your vinyl records in a display

Your taste of vinyl records says much about you. This makes many people to use them as decorations in their homes. This is achieved through using vinyl records storage furniture from great companies like Tylko. Such companies are dedicated in making equipment for vinyl records storage that will best suite you budget, class and ensure their safety. The furniture may be shelves, vinyl record shelf racks or record storage crates. This equipment come in different shapes and colors to best suite your taste:

How to store vinyl records as a decorative collector

When the main intention is to showcase your rich collection of records, you should consider the safety of the records and their vivid display. Here you can choose between framing the records and hanging them, using beautiful floating shelves or magazine racks.


As vinyl records of great songs continue to gain market value day by day it is wise to keep the records safely. This should also come hand in hand with improving our homes’ interior designs.